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UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO represents the Ukrainian sugar industry at 30th International Sugar Organization Seminar in London

UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO became the only representative of the Ukrainian sugar industry at the annual 30th International Sugar Organization Seminar (ISO) in London, where on November 22-24 the world sugar community has gathered. 

Our delegation is not just a listener on the venue. Artem Semenenko, Director of Sugar Sales Department of UPI-AGRO, and Olena Stuzhenko, Head of the Export Department, negotiate and meet on business on the event with the world's leading traders: ED&F Man, LDC, Sucden, Chadwell, Alvean, British Sugar. 

The main topic of the conference - Innovation&Sustainability. The current challenges of the industry are not only COVID-19, but reduction of the industry's impact on the environment as well. 

“UPI-AGRO being one of the leaders of the Ukrainian sugar industry, fully accepts the challenges currently facing the world industry in general and sugar production in Ukraine in particular. UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO is developing and diversifying along with leading European and world producers. 

The forecasts of the world balance of raw sugar, white sugar, strengthening of ecological norms, as a result - forecasts of consumption of ethanol, which directly affects sugar prices are important topics for us. As well we observantly follow all new technologies which are being implemented within the framework of CO2 emission reduction programs”, said Artem Semenenko. 

"Sugar is still white as before but becomes greener every day" - this motto is in line with the strategy which will be implemented in the following years by the international sugar community. 

International experts highlight diversification, production of bioplastics, bioethanol, cosmetics, and paper, which will reduce pollution of environment and adverse effects on nature as the main tools for the preservation of the industry and its further reorganization. 

Go Green is an international general movement aimed at landscaping all processes: from garbage sorting to the construction of biogas plants and the reduction of the carbon trace.